Hierarchical Systems Department (HS) is part of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The subject of HS activities are defined as fundamental and applied scientific research, consultant and expert activities, application and implementation of the scientific results and advanced technologies in industry, and graduate/post-graduate education in the field of computer and communication systems.

Developed formal models, algorithms and programs which apply a hierarchical approach to managing complex systems. Created method no-iterative coordination, which reduces the iterative communication exchange between hierarchical levels, which accelerate the processes of decision making and management. Received formal results permit their use in solving optimization problems in real time for different applied fields.

The key actions of the Department concerned advanced and applied research in IT; analysis, design, programming and implementation of large-scale information systems for e-learning, industry and public administration; IT consultant, automatic control and management; “turnkey” systems delivery upon users’ requests; software development; training and knowledge improvement in IT; technical assistance in implementing software products developed by HS-IICT; implementation and deployment of IT and computer systems and network solutions; solutions of practical problems for traffic flow control, on-line management and optimisation. HS-IICT is working in the information technology market in Bulgaria on WAN solutions, concerning electronic data interchange (EDI), e-commerce solutions, B2B tools, on-line information services, portal developments, Web design, distributed search through heterogeneous network, e-services through Internet and also in the field of Data Mining, Knowledge Extraction from Real Data Sets for Complex Processes.